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The word AppGraft is a portmanteau of the words apple and grafting. Apple tree grafting is the process of growing apple trees by fusing tissue from one plant onto another as opposed to growing by means of seed alone. The "app" part of AppGraft can also stand for application because we create software by binding together multiple computer languages and technologies.

The name as a whole describes what we do, but it's also our passion. Though for the most part unnoticed, computers and other programmable machines are entrenched in our daily lives. These complex machines are almost always driven by some sort of software, which provides these machines with instructions. We love every aspect of the software lifecycle: from requirements analysis to deployment and maintenance.

About our Location

Brother, where art thou

We are a located in Canton, Michigan, a flourishing charter township located between Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Thanks to modern technological advances, especially the Internet, the way people do business has effectively changed. Companies are no longer bound by physical location. This means our location does not constrain us to collaborating with local talent only. We are willing to work with anybody within the US and Canada; if you are local we can meet in person, but if you are located outside the Metro Detroit area we can communicate through videoconferencing, voice and email.

About our Designs

How we operate

Software should be usable, intuitive and accessible; users should be able to easily maneuver and manipulate software to their advantage. It shouldn't matter where an application lives, as long as it's accessible and provides results. Our current set of services are designed around the idea of providing real value to our users. What we offer is a full spectrum of custom tailored solutions.

Web applications are different from desktop applications, thus we handle the development of each application type in a different manner. For smaller Web based projects we use the generic waterfall model that encompasses the project's lifecycle in one large iteration. There are five phases within the waterfall method…

  1. Analysis... we work with you to gather information needed to design your project.
  2. Design… this is where we create the necessary mockups, wireframes, prototypes, workflows and documentation to start building a product.
  3. Code… here we implement the design and build the product.
  4. Test… to verify that the software actually does what it's supposed to.
  5. Deploy… we either upload your site or create an installer package and help you set up your new software.

During regular development we break these five phases into their own sub-iterations. Depending on the requirements, for projects of larger scope we tend to prefer different methodologies such as agile or the spiral model.

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