Morph your PC into a powerful yet low cost video surveillance system

Use your webcams, IP cameras and microphones to monitor your home or to manage security for a large corporation. Observant Owl helps you monitor your surroundings by detecting changes in your environment and recording events as they unfold.


      • Powerful video surveillance at low cost
      • Monitors your surroundings
      • Works with Web Cams and IP Cameras

OB-OWL Screenshot

OB-OWL Screenshot

Turn your old webcam into an IP camera. Thanks to our proprietary Fluent Finch protocol, which is the same technology used within the Fluent Finch chat client software, you can now securely stream and monitor webcam feeds over the web with ease.



      • Activity around a business or retail store

      • Your home or belongings

      • A child or pet

      • Staff or workers

      • Machinery and other automated objects


What it looks like

image    image    image    image    image


good reasons

four good reasons

  1. Monitor an unlimited amount of camera sources simultaneously
  2. Watch footage in real time on site or stream it remotely
  3. Receive emails or SMS alerts when motion alerts are triggered
  4. Record and archive high quality compressed surveillance footage for later viewing

Privacy Policy

What info we collect and store

Learn about how we gather, use and manage your personal data by viewing our privacy policy document!

Download Request

Time limited trial copy

Interested in getting your hands on a time limited trial copy of OB-OWL? Then fill out the download request form!

System Requirements

Lets run this beast

      • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8.1; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows 8; Windows Server 2012; Windows 7; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Vista SP1; Windows Server 2008;
      • Supported Architectures : x86; x64
      • Processor Speed: 1.8 GHz (minimum); 3.0 GHz (recommended)
      • RAM: 1024 MB (minimum); 2048 MB (recommended)
      • Free Disc Space: 200 MB (minimum); 10 GB (recommended)
      • CD or DVD Drive Not required
      • Display 800x600, 256 colors (minimum); 1024x768 high color, 32-bit (recommended)
      • WDDM driver for hardware acceleration (recommended)
      • WebCam driver that supports DirectShow (recommended)
      • Network card for watching IP camera streams over a LAN or Internet (recommended)

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