You’ll have more ideas than money, so we’ll focus on creating the best product for your budget. We’ll learn as we go, reassess our scope and plan regularly.

Your project is bound by the project management triple constraint triangle.

A combo of scope, cost and schedule where altering one impacts the other two.


The scope provides us with a destination. We focus on what delivers the best business value rather than building out features. We do this by finding out what is most valuable to you and your users. We then figure out how much is required for a successful first release.

Quality.   The functional elements that, when completed, make up the end deliverable.

We’ll work with you to understand the requirements of your project. We use this information and our expertise to create a responsible budget. We only set the budget and time upfront.

Whereas, the scope is determined in small chunks and perpetually reassessed through regular planning. This lets us re-prioritize features, potentially pushing them to a further release as new information comes in without affecting the cost and schedule.

As the project moves forward, we track the hours worked and features completed. Based on this, we’ll work closely with you to discuss your project’s financial health at regular predefined intervals, the progress we’ve made towards completion and manage any potential risks.

As your project proceeds, we learn from what has been completed and ensure that we’re moving in the right direction. As it comes in, we take advantage of new information which can be revealed during earlier iterations, actual user testing of the design and further discussion. The final outcome of not having a fixed scope yields a better product, one that ultimately meets your users’ needs.

Time & Materials

  • Client is billed for every hour worked without regard to any financial constraints.
  • Financial risk of inefficiency by consultant, resulting in increased cost.
  • Hard to gauge progress, with high risk of exceeding estimates.

Static Variables:
Scope, Quality

Flexible Variables:
Cost, Timeline

Fixed Budget

  • Responsible budget with a controlled scope.
  • Financial risk is shared between client and consultant and therefore reduced.
  • Features are re-prioritized as new information is revealed.

Static Variables:
Budget, Quality

Flexible Variable:

Fixed Price

  • Locks in the total price upfront.
  • High risk of inflated cost when estimates are inaccurate.
  • At increased cost, requires “change request orders” when scope changes.

Static Variables:
Scope, Cost

Flexible Variable:


Undercapitalized projects are an enormous risk. We strongly feel that the priority of a backlog item should be a function of its cost, risk and value. Due to their nature, software development projects are always more difficult to price than other product types. We’ll make sure you start with enough capital for a strong first release, then deliver the most value possible based on your realistic budget.

Resource.   The estimated amount of budgetary funds required to complete the project.


We recognize that planning is iterative. We estimate based on what we know. We involve you, the client, in the planning activity. As, only together and by being realistic can we successfully plan for errors, omissions and other ambiguities.

Time.   The actual time required to produce a deliverable and primary component of software project management.

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